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Silver membership  

As a SILVER member of the private wine club you will have the following benefits:


  • Store up to 24 bottles of wine ( Bordeaux size) in our temperature and humidity controlled wine cellar; with 24/7 online access to your wines

  • Search for information about your wine at any time, including information about when your wine is "best to drink"

  • Easily book the date and time to open and enjoy your wine at The Vault or for pickup.

  • Enjoy your wine in our luxury bar and dining area Together with up to three guests at a time

  • Be invited to attend our special wine tasting events and pop-up wine activities throughout the year; monthly newsletter

  • Get the opportunity to buy "hard to get" or "special" wines imported exclusively from Les Terroirs du Vin.

Prices for SILVER membership:
600 kr.  (incl. VAT) per month for a private membership

800 kr.  (incl. VAT) per month for a private "couple" membership with two names
1,100 kr.  (excl. VAT) per month for a company membership with three names

email us to request your membership

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