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You are invited to attend an exclusive wine club opening at Hauser Plads in February 2022

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THE VAULT is an exclusive wine club and wine storage facility that will open its doors in February 2022 to all wine lovers and collectors at Hauser Plads 32 - the exact spot where the famous St. Gertrud's Kloster restaurant existed for more than 20 years.  

Black Diamond is the most exclusive membership level in The Vault and is available by invitation only.

Membership is 25,000 DKK per year for a private person and

40,000 DKK per year for companies (3 names of the membership).  

Black Diamond membership card is limited to 25 in 2022.

Do you want to enjoy exquisite wines in your own private club where your wines are presented by some of the best rated Sommeliers in the world? You get the full attention from one of​​ our certified and knowledgeable - but most importantly - FRIENDLY Sommeliers. Read about all the benefits of Black Diamond membership below.

Black Diamond Membership Benefits  

Wine storage

Store safely up to 120 bottles of wine in our wine storage facilities. Each bottle receives a barcode and is linked to your account. You can see your wine online and place an order for opening in our dining room or "take away"


You will first have priority to attend all wine events, wine tastings and pop up wine and food evenings held in our club throughout the year. Each month you will receive a newsletter describing the possible events in the coming weeks.

Wine Club

When you become a Black Diamond member of The Vault, you get access to unlimited bookings of tables in our luxurious dining room and bar. And first priority to book our private wine room for you and your guests.

Special prices

Included in the membership is a Black Diamond discount  on all the wines and spirits we offer on our drink menu. We have a selection of fine wines from France, Italy and the USA available, as well as a selection of whiskeys, cognacs and port wines.


Are you interested in becoming a Black Diamond member?

In that case, you must fill in your contact information below, and we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange the setup of your membership.

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you soon.
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